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Summer is magical. This blogs name is what it is because of that magic. The magic begins to rise inside you as spring comes to an end. When you begin to smell summer in the air. When the weather changes and clothes become too much of a hassle. When making plans doesn't hinge on the weather.

I've experienced summer in a few different states at this point. None have been the same as the other. Florida summers last 9 months out of the year so it doesn't feel all that special. Texas summers last for 11 months out of the year, and it's actual summer months are pure torture due to the heat. While both seem extremely dragged out and a bit unesscary, summer nights in both places hold a special place in my heart. Florida held my teens years, they endured the growing pains. Texas held some tough summers of early adult hood, the struggle of "what the fucks".

For me nothing compares to a New York City summer night. At least, I haven't found a place that compares. I'm convinced a place like that doesn't exisit. The city holds it's own kind of magic. It seeps into every aspect of your life without you realizing. It's indescribable. Maybe it's because i grew up in the city that its grip on my heart is unrelenting. Riding my scooter from our one bedroom lower east side apartment to the east village. Walking along the east side river. Picnics and rock climbing in central park. Running down the street to get to the nearest corner store for ice cream. Going to the park, being swung on a tire swing, running through sprinklers. 4th of July along the east river with snacks stuffed in moms bag. Scoping out every street corner for the Italian icy cart (summer staple even till this day). As a kid this made summer the time of our lives.

As I got older summer became more about exploring, getting lost, walking till you can't walk anymore and the walking some more. Letting our curiosity take us to some of the sketicest places. Getting out of work late knowing the day is just beginning. Trying all the roof top bars. Making sure that whatever new restaurant we were trying had outdoor seating. $4 mini golf and shake shack. Sitting along the water talking about everything and anything. Questioning life and all the whys, as we look over the water to Jersey. 4th of July along the West Side Highway after one too many drinks. Appreciating a city that moves at the constant speed of 100 mph. Loving the city that is engrained in me deeply. But also appreciating the other places that helped mold me no matter how much resentment I felt towards it.

Summer magic is undeniable. It's infectious. Every place brings a different summer experience. The magic is always there. No matter where you are this summer, find it. Embrace it, be thankful for it. This summer my magic is a new beginning in a new place. What's yours?

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