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There are thoughts that you can't seem to get out of your head. They stem from something and other times they stem from nothing. These are a mix of both:

When you decided that it was time to bow out I would've appreciated some sort of sign. A tell tale signaling how fast you'd make your exit. 
You see when you promised that someday we'd have forever I believed you. I held on to that promise hoping that this one time you actually meant it. 
That you'd keep it this time. 
When did you decide that it wasn't worth keeping? 
Did you know before you said it that they would be empty words? 
Were you hoping that somewhere along the way I'd lose hope and walk away before you had the chance to do it yourself once again? 
I hope your answer is yes because for to me believe that you suddenly changed your mind would be the biggest let down that I have ever experienced in regards to you. 
Quite frankly looking back I realize that there have been too many let downs and I should have seen this one coming.
Sadly that's not how I work. 
See I believed you, when you said this time was different. That now was our chance, that this time you could no longer ignore what was so clearly in our face. 
I decided that I had to give you the chance to prove it, solely because I thought it was true. 
I hate that you not only made me feel like a fool but that I have allowed you to do it. 
I now know that it was my fault. 
I let you in when I should have shut you out. 
You should have stayed gone. 
I hope this time you do. 

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