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This time of year kills me for the simple fact that it either flies by or goes by so damn slow that I want to scream. This year it just so happens to be dragging on by, to the point that the thought of ripping my hair out has crossed my mind way too often. The point of this post isn't to complain or anything, I promise. The point is there is no point and that seems like a recurring thing lately for me. 

A lot of things that I'm suppose to be doing seem to have no point to me. It can be that I'm just lazy and looking for excuses which I'm sure is a possibility. But it can be that it's just not enough for me. Something seems to be missing and I don't know what 'it' is yet. 

So as we begin to become holiday obsessed (because lets admit it, we all are) I just hope to find whatever 'it' is that I'm missing. And for whom ever out there, who may be feeling the same way, finds whatever it is they are looking for. 


  1. I feel ya! And I love honest blog posts like this - makes me feel like I'm not alone in failing to get my brain in gear sometimes!
    lily x

    1. You're definitely never alone, which is why I wrote this. Glad you can relate!
      Enjoy your holidays :)

      Brittany x


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