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Visible scaring and visible pain are both things people can sympathize with. When they see a cast on you, a bandage, or a bruise people automatically respond with "are you okay? What happened?" Those are easy to answer. You don't have to think about an answer. Your answer just rolls off your tounge as you recall the incident that left you with that visible reminder. But when your pain and bruising is on the inside no one knows what to say.

When telling someone you broke your arm and how it happened you get that tilited head aww response of sympathy. Like an aww poor you response. But when you tell someone you suffer from depression, their response is completly different. They don't feel sorry for you. They're already planning their exit out of the conversation. They assume something's wrong with you and they want nothing to do with that. Some may call you dramtic or just sad and tell you things will get better.

But depression doesn't heal like a broken arm. It doesn't even come close to hurting like a broken arm. Depression is a type of pain you can't describe. You just are and you don't know why. If you do, you don't know how to fix it. Because there is no simple fix.

Depression is a form of mental illness. It's an imbalance in ones body. No one can control it. It just is. People don't go around searching to get depressed. No one wants it. Thing is not everyone is educated on such matters. People still don't understand the severity of mental illness and all the different forms of it.

So if you suffer from depression and you encounter a person who doesn't seem to understand. Or they just distance themselves from you, don't take it personally. Becasue the problem is not you, it's them.

And if your a person who doesn't quite get it. And have never suffered from depression or any form of mental illness. Do yourself a favor and get educated.

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