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One thing I learned is that being able to keep yourself detached takes a certain amount of skills. I can tell you that while we all love the idea of seeming unattainable. It seems that we crave someone who is willing to find that unattainability appealing enough to fight to attain us. Its not a gender or sexuality thing. It’s a human thing. We crave attention and love like every other breathing organism in this world. We desire intimacy like no other. Yet we strive to appear ten feet tall, unreachable. Unbreakable. Unattainable. 

When in reality we want to reached to a level that not everyone but a certain someone is willing to work for. We want to be broken in by a person who makes the broken pieces seem like a work of art. We want to be attained by a person who we can’t seem to understand why they bother with us but you’re happy they do. 

So if those are the things we really want why do we try so hard to be everything but? We’re human, were a complicated bunch to say the least. The things we want to be and the things we are, aren’t always the same thing. Our wants and needs can lay on opposite ends of a spectrum. But that’s what makes us human. Attainability is reach when one human recognizes that another humans ‘complicated’ is worth attaining. 

That's when we reach, and sometimes we break. That’s when we realize the detached was an illusion we created. Cause ‘detached' isn’t really a thing. 

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