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Having something that is right there is easy. We don't have to work for it. Quite honestly we all love things we don't have to work for. 

It's convenient. Having something that is easy sounds great at any given moment. But just like they say easy come easy go.

I don't want easy. I don't want right there. I want rare. I want something I have to work my ass off for and when people ask how I did that, got that, or got there. I want to be able to smile and say it wasn't easy but it was worth it. I don't want to follow a path already paved, I want to pave my own way.

I want to see the damn mountains. And I'm not talking about sightseeing and driving around them in the comfort of a car. No. I want to trek my ass through them, get dirty, stumble, get lost, and even get so frustrated that I sit along the mountain thinking about why the hell have I done this to myself. I want to get to the other side feeling exhausted by damn proud of myself. That is how I want to get through life.

I want my life to not be the easy way but my way.

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