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The other night I was doing what I do best and that is scrolling online at 4 am. On thought catalog I came across an article called 15 Things You Should Know Before You Date Someone Who’s Hard On The Outside But Soft On The Inside. The title alone made me want to read it but if I'm being honest I'm very much that person. With each point mentioned all I could do was nod and that voice in my head was like 'OMG that's me'. So I figured I'd share my thought process as I read it. 

1. They’re not afraid to give you your space. In fact, sometimes, the more space and freedom there is in the relationship, the more they’ll find themselves being drawn to you.Very true! The less I see you the, more I'll want to see you. Being around anyone too often makes me sick of them and then I will begin to pull away.

2. Sometimes, they’re sarcastic simply because they love being silly and witty. Other times, they’re using it to mask something that’s actually really digging at them. You’ll probably get really, really good at differentiating between the two.This couldn't have been written any better if I had written it myself. It's spot on. My sarcasm has different forms. I either do it cause I want to and it's fun, it's a natural reaction, or I'm annoyed and just want to.

They tend not to cry very often. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t sensitive or compassionate. In fact, they sometimes feel things even more deeply than most outwardly emotional people.
I'll cry, but only when I'm SO upset that I can't do anything about it. Other wise I don't cry, especially over people. No ones worth the energy for me.

4. Teasing you and goofing around with you will always be their favorite way to flirt.This is my love language. I've come to learn I'm a natural flirt, I don't do it on purpose but my playfulness with people tends to lean that way. It's too fun not to and if I can't tease you then you need to go.

5. But while they love being silly and lighthearted all the time, they’ll also be incredibly loyal and dedicated to you. I'm loyal to a fault. Once your important to me I have your back.

6. So although it’s not really their style to hug you and kiss you every five seconds and tell you how much they love you, they’ll find their own, subtle ways of showing you how important you are to them. I've not the touchy feeling type. Not mushy in that way. But I do have my own way of showing I care. If a person can't see that then they don't really know me.

7. Whenever you ask them “What’s wrong?” they’ll tell you that everything’s fine. And you’ll have to ask them about 17 more times before they ever actually admit that something’s bothering them and that they need to talk about it. Make it more like 50 times and I probably still won't tell someone what's wrong. I like to keep things in mostly cause I need to figure it out on my own before I involve other people. I'm not a talker when things are going on.

8. They love playing it cool with you when you’re out at some social event together. And then later that night, they’re the one rolling over to you for some much-needed cuddling. In public I can't do all that affection stuff. It's not me at all.

9. Sure, it’s nice to feel physical chemistry with someone. But nothing excites them more than funny banter back and forth with someone they are really into. Physical means jack crap if I can't be playful with someone. If we don't have that then we have nothing.

10. They tend to be very independent, even more so than most people. Sometimes, they just need some time to themselves to recharge their batteries and give themselves some breathing room. But during their alone time, they’re almost definitely missing you. I've always been very independent and needed time alone. I need to do things on my own. I begin to shut down if I'm surrounded by people too much or if I can't do things for myself.

11. They love surprising you with little unexpected gifts, nights out, and simple acts of kindness. While to everyone else, they may come off as cool, aloof, and tough, they’ll be the first one out of bed in the morning to make sure you have a fresh, hot cup of coffee. I'll do the little things if someones worth it.

12. Sometimes, they can be bad about lashing out about trivial things. If they’re upset because they forgot to DVR their favorite show or because the train to work was late today, it’s usually because of something deeper that’s bothering them, that they’re afraid to admit. If something's bothering me or I'm upset I'll snap and your be left wondering what the hell. Give me five minutes and I'll be fine. Maybe I'll tell you why.

13. PDA is not their thing. Not because they’re prude, but because affection is a very special and sacred thing to them. They just don’t want to share you with anyone else. I'm not a sharer. I'm very private about everything.

14. Being on their bad side is not an ideal situation to be in. But being on their good side is pretty much the best thing ever. Once your on my bad side there's no coming back.

15. You’ll become more important to them than you’ll ever fully understand. They won’t talk to just anybody about their deepest thoughts and fears and emotions and worries. You’ll become more special to them than you can even imagine. But only if your worth it.

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