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Having a person leave a lasting impression on your life is special. Not everyone has that. A person who left a time stamp on you heart is rare and leaves an unbreakable bond between you and this person no matter the fact if they are in your life now or not. 

Having that person still be part of your life is great and even more rare. But most times it doesn't happen like that. The person who leaves a lasting impression, that time stamp on your heart leaves more often than not. And it's when that person is no longer apart of your life do you find it hard to let go of them. 

One day they're there and the next they're not. You may be craving their presence or just a simple conversation with them. But the thought of starting a conversation with them is daunting. The simplest of 'hey, whats up?' text has you gripping your phone so tight. You sit there wondering if they're thinking of you, like you're thinking of them. If you ever cross their mind, like they do yours. Your filled with 'what if's' and left wondering why you feel this way.

Its pretty simple. It's cause somewhere deep down you wish it wasn't over. No matter how much you've moved on in your life. No matter how much time has passed. Whether you now have a new best friend, or a boyfriend, doesn't seem to matter, you just wish that it wasn't this way. That one day you'll wake up and they'll reach out and be a part of your life again. Even if it is the smallest part. 

This person will always have an impact on you, but they won't always have a part of you. You might feel that they do but they don't. Your going to remember them, smile every time you think of them, and be grateful for them. You'll have new people coming in and out of your life leaving different impressions, impacting you in different ways. You'll be grateful for all these people. But you'll find certain people who will come in to your life, impact it in a way that no words can describe and you'll get it . You'll understand why none of the others stayed. That is when you'll truly let go. 

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