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We are many things. We play many different roles within every second of our lives. We are sons, daughter. A brother or sister. A boyfriend or girlfriend. A husband or wife. A child and a parent. All at the same time. To different people we play different roles. We fill different shoes.

While were being all those things to all these people we tend to forget who most importantly we belong to first and foremost.


In playing all these different roles we tend to lose our-self in what they want us to be. How we think they would want us to react. How to be all the things they need. How to best be there for them. We lose ourselves in our roles without realizing it. We judge ourselves based on how well we fulfill these roles that we have place so much pressure on.

Yes you want to be the best child to your parents. But you won't always be.
Yes you want to be the best parent to your child. Again you won't always be.
Yes you want to be the partner to your significant other. Once again you won't always be.

Knowing that you can't be the best in all those roles is probably the best thing we can do for ourselves. Accepting that we will never reach what we feel is 'the best' is only going to make easier for us to actually perform in each of these roles.

The pressure we but on ourselves to be the 'best' for everyone else takes away from you wanting to be the best version of you, for you. Our expectations for ourselves are at the highest they will ever be from anyone. We are our own worst enemy, worst critic, and harshest friend. So harsh that the voice in your head sounds like the last person you want to be talking to.

Knowing you won't be the 'best' is so freeing. It allows you to be the strongest version of yourself. The most productive version. You can be you without the pressure you placed on yourself. Doing right by you first, will help you do right in each role that you play.

Don't let that voice in your head guilt you into trying to be the 'best' for everyone else before you do the best for yourself. Doing right by yourself is the best you can do for everyone.

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