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We don't always meet the right people at the right time. For a period of time we meet all the wrong people. So that way we learn to appreciate the right people in our lives. The wrong people seem so much like the right people at first, that you don't realize until it's too late how wrong for you they actually were.

When your young you don't think about people in that right or wrong way. People are just people. You make friends and then your no longer friends. You drift apart. Things happen. But then you met someone who you don't realize is actually the last person you need to be around. They seem so cool. So fun to be around. That whatever crazy shit they do or are associated with doesn't matter because you guys are having so much fun being young and dumb. It takes a while to learn that you don't deserve a half ass friendship. A friendship that will drag you down. A friendship that doesn't benefit your life because all they do is hinder it.

Then there's those people you met when you are too young to actually appreciate them. They come into your life at a time where you're not ready for them. Your too young to realize that this person is actually good for you. You feel there is so much living to do that you do reckless, un-thought out things that drives this person away. Sadly it won't be till later that you'll look back and realize how badly you fucked up in regards to this person. 

You'll have those friends that you may have been friends for what feels like forever. There might have been promises made that nothing will come between the two of you. Or you might have never thought that you'd actually be thinking about not being this persons friend. Yet here you are avoiding them. You'll out grow people who have been in your life for a long time and you move on because you have to. 

There are going to be people you meet in passing. You meet them and not realize how important they will later on be in your life. Soon enough you'll look back and not really remember how or when you met but your so grateful for the chance in meeting that person. You'll be closer then you've ever imagined you'd be to that person. You'll realize that person has been there for the most important parts of your life. Standing by your side and being your own personal cheerleader. You didn't know it at first but when you do realize how great of a friendship you have with that person you'll see that your the lucky one. 

Timing is never perfect. But that's what changes things up. It helps you grow. All the unexpected friendships, the friendships lost and the people who got away. Each of those moments, those memories are lessons you wouldn't have gained other wise. So as bitter sweet as it is each of those friendships and relationship should be look at with a fondness. They might not have been all rainbows and unicorns but then again when is anything. 

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