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In life we have times that are like flying high. Your at the top of the world. Then other times you have shit storms. Everyone has them even if they call them something different. 

What I mean by it, is when everything is good. You're getting all the things you want, things are working out in you favor. Things are progressing smoothly, no bumps in the road. Well of course till the shit storm hits. All of a sudden nothing is going right. Actually everything's going left. You're struggling, stumbling, trying to hold on to the nearest rooted object but nothing is in reach. Things aren't making sense. Your losing your footing, slipping and sliding all while being swallowed whole by the world.

It may just be my cynical tainted mind but I think that when things are getting really good in your life then something hard, troubling, difficult is right around the corner. Just waiting to knock you off your game. Just waiting to throw you that curve ball. Ready to deal you your shit storm.

Thing is with shit storms is that they don't last forever. They can't. Eventually the sun has to peak through again. You can only handle so much bad before things start looking up again. An arrow has to be pulled back before it can launch forward. Eventually it won't go back any further and it has to be let go and be launched forward.

The same happens in our lives. We are going to be pulled back. Held back by things, people in our lives. We will always have things keeping us down, holding us back. They are our shit storms. 


  1. I love your statement about the arrow. It's definitely a great way to look at things. I can be pessimistic and seeing a hiccup as something to propel you forward is a much healthier way to look at it.


    1. Trying to think about things in that light helps. I rather know I'm heading towards something then being held back. It's hard to always think that way though.

      Brittany x


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