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There's this quote that I found while scrolling through Tumblr and it said:

Something about those words hit home for me. Too many time in my life I have found myself with people who will brag about feeding me. Not literally but metaphorically. I mean not saying they wouldn't have bragged about feeding because I sure as hell know they would if they could. Actually forget the could of, they probably did.

Either way its happened far too often and from people who honestly faked being close to me and someone they're not for way too long. It's amazing how much people can hide their true self if they really want to. They probably didn't try to hard but I was just too young and stuck in my own world to actually see them for who they are.

People let you see what they want you to see. They treat you the way they want to but also in the way you allow them to. That was something I learned early on with friends and other kids my own age but not necessary with other people. I have always kept people at arms length and I never ask for help. It's just the way I am. That's how I prefer things. But I do it because of this very reason.

I learned to be this way because of too many people who have "bragged about feeding me". You figure people are like you and do the right thing because it's the right to do. Then you grow up and realize that it couldn't further from the truth. People do what they want whether it be right or wrong because they feel they have a right and think they'll get away with it. And from that I developed by cold, take no shit from anyone personality.

I don't ask for help because I know far too many people who will help you only to hold it above your head, brag about it and use it against you. If someone comes to you for help it's not to remind them or thrown it in their face that you helped them. It's not to do it because you expect something back or you want them to owe you. It's to do because it's the right thing. And that's the only reason you should do it.

I'm so sick of people using your disadvantage to their advantage. Like its some kind of joke that a person needs help. No one has the right or the place to judge because everyone has their struggles, problems, and disadvantages. It's simply what it is. So for people to act like they are above struggling and asking for help is straight up sickening.

Asking for help is never easy no matter what anyone says. We are people who want to to do things on our own to prove ourselves. We are competitive and prideful. So to ask for help and for it to be thrown in our face is pretty hindering.

Helping someone out of the goodness of your heart is what it's about. Helping someone in anyway that you can honestly and expecting nothing in return is what it's about. Helping someone in the way you would want to be helped is what it's about.

So I'm done "Eating with people who will brag about feeding me".

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  1. This is on point. I was definitely guilty of this a few years ago, thankfully I've changed for the better. x

    1. That's great! It's a learning experience that some learn early on or later on in life. Sadly they're people who will never learn.

      Brittany x


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