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I say things I mean. I don't believe in saying things just because or just out of anger. I think I spent so much time growing up listening to people say things they don't mean, that I can't stand to do it myself. Words aren't things to throw around. They're darts with a sharp edge. Closing your eyes and throwing them around results in wounds that go deeper than the eye can see.

Anger and hurt feelings are real emotions that only words can describe and even then words aren't enough. But when many people can't find the words to describe the exact way they feel they result to hitting below the belt. They use words that they know will hurt someone. They use a persons weakness against them. 

That is why the people who know you the best can hurt you the most. They know all your weakness, all the things that make you tick. So of course when they need to they are going to whip it out and blind side you with it. 

They may not actually mean the things they are saying. Correction they may not consciously mean those things. But they still say them. Real feelings come out eventually when you start spewing out random angry words. 

People tend to misplace anger. It can be a misplacement on a person or misplacement of reason. While someone else made them angry they go home and lash out at the person there. Or while one thing made them angry they blame it on something else. It happens for many reasons.

I've learned some pretty useful thing as a psych major in school and one of them being that anger isn't a result of one thing. It's a ton of little things that pile up. And when an indecent happens your not really mad about what just happened, a lot of times people are mad cause of what the incident triggered in them. Whether it be a memory, flashback, a past hurt, a fear, or a nightmare. Those are the things that you can't help control. So when people don't realize why they are actually angry, or why that incident made them angry it goes back further than you may know. 

The only true way of avoiding all that is to say what you mean. And mean what you say. Stand by your words. If someone made you angry then tell them. If your angry for any reason ask yourself if it is really this or is it something else. Coming to terms with your anger and the reasons behind them can save you so much collateral damage.

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