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Cinderella was never my favorite Disney princess movie growing up. It wasn't that I disliked her or anything about the movie but I never felt connected to it in the way that I did Beauty in The Beast. But this post isn't about my reasons for liking or disliking a certain fairy tale. This post is about the latest remake of Cinderella. 

Like all Cinderella movies they pretty much have the same story line. Mother dies, father gets remarried, father dies, girl is left living with horrible step mother and step sisters, they treat her like a slave, there is a royal ball, girl attends ball in disguise, meets the prince, prince falls in love with girl, girl runs off, shoe falls off, prince finds shoe, prince goes around town looking for girl who the shoe fits, the shoe fits girl, they live happily ever after (Yes I did just give you a run down of the story we all know but oh well you'll survive.) 

The thing is that with this latest movie there is a bit of a difference. There's more details, the story explains more than we have ever gotten from any Cinderella story. Honestly it was my favorite version of Cinderella ever. 

It was my favorite because of one particular scene. The scene I'm talking about is when Ella (Cinderella) is setting the table for breakfast and she sets a place for herself. Her step mother then tells her "Wouldn't you prefer to eat after the work is done?" Clearly letting her know that there is no room for her at the table. Instead of closing her shit like most of us would probably have done, she remembers the words of her mother 'be kind and have courage' and walks away. Holding herself together she goes down to the kitchen, that is where she drops a plate. Picking up the pieces of the plate she starts sobbing. No longer able to hold it all together she cries a good solid cry letting it all out. Catching her reflection in a silver platter on the floor she realizes what they have turned her into. The slave of sorts that she has become. No longer able to stand it she heads out and takes off riding her horse. During that ride she runs into the prince.

What gets me about that scene is that she held herself together in the face of the abuse at the moment. She walked away with her head held high, not letting them she her defeated. It wasn't till she was alone that she let herself feel the emotions she had been holding inside for some time. Finally realizing what she had become and takes time to herself and sets off. And in the act she meets the person who will forever change her life.

It took for a horribly bad situation to lead her to the moment that changed her life. A person who will pull her out of the misery she had been living. It took for a bad situation to bring her, her silver lining, in this instance her prince. 

Life is so much like that. We get stuck in situations that aren't what we would have chosen for ourselves. Circumstances that are beyond our control. Even some situations that maybe. our actions have lead us to, but now we don't know how to get out of. It's not till things get really bad that we reach our breaking point. It's not till unexpected times that we stumble across our silver lining. 

This version of Cinderella was in my opinion the best. She stayed true to her beliefs and through it all kept her head high. It resembled so much to true life that it was hard not to feel some of the things Ella was feeling. Life sucks at times. It gets hard and you feel defeated. But staying true to yourself and your beliefs. Keeping your head high. Staying positive. And eventually when you least expect it your silver lining will come when you need it the most. 

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