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Break ups aren't fun or easy for either person involved. Whether you were dumped or you were the one doing the dumping it's hard and you feel like crap either way. But there's a difference between the two when it comes to how long that hurt last for.

When your dumped your the one who will holds on to the hurt the longest. Maybe you were blind sided or you had a feeling this was coming. Either way it sucked and it's not something you wanted. Or maybe it was. But most times it's not. When your dumped your the one left wondering why. Racking your brain on what went wrong? You are left with no closure. The other person knew why and how they wanted to end things. They did it and walked away leaving you reeling. Confused. Angry. Hurt. None of those feelings go away quickly or easy. It takes time.

When your the dumper then things are a little easier, yet not so easy. You have the responsibility of calling the whole thing off. You first have to come to the conclusion of when to actually do it. Which, depending on the circumstance isn't always so easy. And sometimes it's the easiest decision to make that you realize you cant wait to do it that you do it at the very moment. Most times you have to decide when to do it, how to do it. But once it's done it's done and you have your closure.

When it comes to break ups things are messy. They get messy whether you want them to or not. One person will no doubt be more hurt than the other. One person will get to walk away feeling relived. Or maybe you both walk away hurt and angry with no answers.

I personally have been the dumper. Twice I decided that I wasn't feeling the person. We were nothing serious so it wasn't a big thing. One guy was hurt and sent me a private message on twitter calling me a bitch. The other took it in stride and after that we saw each other a couple of times because of our jobs. But there was another guy, months before I ended that I knew I wanted out. Whenever I had tried he would freak and cause a scene. I would walk away or drop it at the moment. When I finally ended it, it was a split second decision and I acted on it immediately. It was harsh but I needed to do it at that very moment.

There's never a right way to break up someone. There's no right or wrong why to deal with a break up. It all depends on you and the type of relationship you had. Some are easy to get over. Others are so hard you feel so lost. None of it is easy or makes sense to everyone involved. No matter whether you where the dumper or the dumped. Break ups can be so many things but rational, fun, and painless is never one those things. 

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  1. Yes to everything on here. Both situations suck and they're hard to get over but both have there own specific disadvantages

    1. It's never easy either way. That's just the way it goes.

      Brittany x


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