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As a kid everyone bigger than you seems so interesting. I use to imagine what their life was like, like they got to grown up things, they probably lived this fabulous grown up life. I would create this whole picture in my head of what these "grown ups" life looked like. It seemed pretty great. 

The other day it hit me that these people I was imagining their lives must of been the age I am now. Those people who I thought were living this life full of fabulous freedom and adventure were the same age I am right now. 

The other day I was at target and I had been walking down an aisle by myself just looking around. When I turned around this little girl, she had to be about 7, had been staring at me. And she was staring hard. I smiled at her, she smiled back. Her eyes were big and bright. When she walked around me she said "excuse me miss". I realize that to her she was looking at a grown up. Just as I had done when I was her age. She sees me as a grown up. So in her eyes I'm an adult who has it figured out. I'm all grown up able to do whatever I want. I've living in whatever fabulous world she created for me in her head. 

When I see her I look at her as a equal. I know what it's like to be at that age. I remember the thoughts that use to run through my head then. So for her to be looking at me like a grown up is scary. 

To her I'm grown up but I'm still a child too. I wanted to tell her how sorry I am that my appearance confused her into thinking of me as a grown up. That looks can be deceiving. That they don't always match what on the inside. To tell her that no matter how big I am on the outside I feel the same way she does on the inside. The fears she has, I have. The hope and dreams she has, I have. The sadness she feels, I feel. I'm not saying it's all the same thing but what I am saying is that no matter how grown up someone looks or is we all have the same emotions. 

I use to think that those grown ups were happy, had it all figured out, and we're living these movie like lives. It's crazy to me that some little kid would think the same of me now. It's weird to think about the fact that not that long ago I was in her shoes doing the same thing. 

It's weird and crazy to me but I guess we all do that and kids to come will do the same. The more I think about I think I still do the same when I see people older than me. It's nice to believe people can actually live these lives. As a kid especially, it's motivating and it inspires you. At least it did to me. 

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  1. I've been thinking exactly the same thing recently! I'm only 17 now but I remember thinking that 17 year olds were basically adults and yet I really don't feel anything like an adult. Strange because I wouldn't consider myself immature, but it still seems weird! Others' perceptions of us are so different to our perceptions of ourselves aren't they? You probably look at other grown ups and think they've got it figured out too :P
    lily x

    1. I use to think the same thing! I'm 20 now and I figured by then now i'd feel more grown up but I don't. I completely get it. It's like you don't feel like a kid, but you don't feel like an adult either. I'm starting you realize that you'll never really feel grown up enough.

      Brittany x


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