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Dear 10 year old me,

Let me start off by saying that your okay and you'll be okay. No matter how hard or hurtful things are now you'll be okay. Your actually going to be better than okay. 

The things your doing and saying are hurtful to people. I get that you only do them because they've hurt you, but that's not the way to go about it. Your tired of the judgement. Your tired of defending yourself against people who have no clue what their talking about. Everyone has something to say about you, things that aren't true. It's frustrating and not fair. And I'm sorry your going through that. I can't tell you things will ever be fair because they won't. Your going to have to fight for yourself. No one else will. Your waiting for the one who should stick up for you to do it. They won't, so you've got to do this all on your own. 

Your scared of that. Of having to defend yourself. Don't be scared though. This is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. I promise you it will change everything. You feel weak, small, and powerless. Your tired of taking the verbal abuse from those you've known since forever. Those words, the songs, the jokes are what make you cry at night. Your letting all those things get to you in a way that will change you. It will all make you stronger not weaker like you think.

Forget those people. Forget the things they say. Remember only you know the truth about you. Your far too concerned with proving yourself. Your making yourself look smaller then you ever should. Those people aren't your friends. The things they do aren't things friends do. Your wanting so bad to be apart of a group that doesn't suit you. 

Your different and they know it. The things about you that make you so different is what makes you so great. One day you'll use to your full advantage. One day it's really going to set you apart. But for now learn that it's okay. It's okay to love yourself. It's okay to be on your own and be you. It's okay to believe your great. Because you are great. You are not those things they say you are. You never have been and you never will be. 

Be you and Britt, I promise being you is more than enough.

Love me  

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