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Watching The DUFF this weekend was like being in high school all over again. I loved the movie so much. It was better than I expected and definitely funnier then I was expecting. But I hated high school. If you were to ask me to relive it again there would be no amount of cake you can give me in order to do it. Sorry, nope not happening. 

While I hated high school I wouldn't trade the things I learned during that time for anything. I'm stronger, determined and a lot more open minded because of my experiences in that hell hole of a school. High school is a brutal teacher. The people you meet in high school are a hell of a lot worse. But the lessons and the experiences stick with you for the rest of your life compared to those people (this is the silver lining). High school ends, we all move on. Frankly I thank God for that simple fact. 

During those 4 years (in my case 3) you're labeled, picked apart, ridiculed for who you are. As if being you isn't good enough. Your teased and called out on for the simplest of things. Most times on things that aren't even true. Sadly your judged for just about everything, even everything your not. And it won't stop until the moment you walk across that stage for a flimsy piece of paper. A paper that not only means you survived academic wise but dammit you survived that social torture that they call interacting. 

Those hallway gossip, the whispers, and the fake rumors, all of it sucked. But shit you made it! That diploma. That piece of paper, is proof you made it. And if you haven't graduated yet let me tell you there is this feeling when you walk across that stage at graduation that no one can take away from you. You'll be proud and over it all at the same time. You'll be relived all while feeling like all "this" is pointless. You'll feel hopeful for what's to come all while running through the program in your head so you know it's almost over. 

You'll hear all the name from A to Z and remember little bits of each person from the past 4 years. Whether they were good or bad. No matter if you really knew them or not. Some might have even been your best friend or more at one point or another. Everyone is in the same spot as you in that moment. For a good 2 hours your all equals. Equals who are going to take different paths in the next coming months. Your all starting back at square one. Your all nothing's again in this big world. 

It's humbling and comforting to know that no matter what type of hell your high school experience was or is it's over after those 4 years. You'll shed those names, that image, the labels. You'll meet people who never knew you then. People who only know your story from what you tell them. And dammit if that doesn't give you hope I don't know what will. 

High school sucks and hopefully your college years are better. But if they're not remember it only last 4 years too. After that well it's all your call. Believe me eventually you will be questioning what the hell ever happens to the the homecoming king and queen, the prom king and queen, the jocks. You'll even come to realize they never matter outside of those school days anyways. 

It ends and we all move on. So whether you were the DUFF, the cheerleader or the jock it's okay. Those high school labels don't last forever. Thank goodness, right? 


  1. I loved high school! I'm sorry to hear you hated it. English Schools are very different to American, it might be stereotypical but we are in High School for 5 years, and we don't have cheerleaders or jocks and home coming. We do have prom king and queen and the popular kids but it was never proper popular. I guess I was in the middle groups where we were geeks are freaks, but rather normal individuals that are athletic yet smart. No one judged the geeks, we embraced them.

    Loved reading this post, again, i wish you had a better experience in High School

    Much love,

    Lauren Nicole O'Hara

    1. Lauren I'm glad you had such a great high school experience. I've heard that schools in the U.S is very different then in the UK. High school more many people can be either a good experience or a bad one. I don't necessary consider mines bad cause nothing personally happened to me but I wasn't very fond of it. Ha!

      I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

      Brittany x

  2. Great post Brit! I agree with what you said at the end, we all move on right? I can remember how desperately I wanted to be friend with this particular group of people. Even a few years after highschool ended it was like..."What was I thinking?!" haha.

    I didn't want to befriend them or have anything to do with them. I'm glad you've moved on, and are a stronger person today!

    - Isaac

    1. Thank you Issac! Ha! It's funny to think back and remember the people you use to want to be friends with or the person you liked. I have those "What was I thinking?!" moments too often when it comes to high school and my choice in friends. I guess we live and we learn.

      Brittany x


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