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What I feel is mines to feel. My thought process is mines. My emotions are mines. My happiness, my anger, my sadness, my excitement is all mines. So if all those things are mines, why do people feel the need to tell me how to feel? What gives anyone the right to tell me or anyone else that our feeling, emotions, thoughts, ideas are wrong? How can they be wrong when they are mines. 

They belong to me. No one else. I don't spend my time asking people how I should feel. No one does. Okay so maybe some want validation from others on their feelings, thoughts, emotions and idea; that's just not me. I don't need anyone's validations. I get that there are people in this world who do, but not me. 

Screw what anyone has to say about the way I do things. No for real, screw them, whom ever they may be. I'm not interested in what anyone has to say about my lifestyle, much less my feelings. I use to be amused when people would tell me I shouldn't be sad or mad. Like I'm sorry but where the hell did you come from? What makes them think that telling me not to feel a certain way is ok? It sort of boggles me mind. 

If I want to be sad and cry my face off, then I should be allowed to. If I want to be angry at someone or something and sit there and sulk, I should be allowed to. If I want to date a person within weeks of breaking up with someone else then I should be allowed to do that, because I want to. The things I do, don't have to please anyone else. My decisions do not have to make sense to anyone other than me. They are for me to decide to do, I have to live my actions, no one else. 

So to the people who like to open their mouth and give their opinion when it's not need... Screw You. I don't need your useless two cents, I never did. 

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