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Breathing is suppose to second nature. We're born just knowing how to do it. There's no second guessing or having to think extra hard about it. We just do it. At least most of the time we do.

There are times where breathing isn't so easy though. Like moments when we have the wind knocked out of us. It can happen while playing and someone or something hits us. It can happen during moments that are too much for us to grasp. Those moments can be anything, from good to bad, from great to horrible. We have those moments.

Breathing is hard to do in situations where we find ourselves struggling. Struggling whether it comes in the form of a person, work, finical situation, emotionally, mentally, physically. It's not easy to breath through those times. After moments when you've lost your breathe it takes time in order to breath without thinking about it again.

Sometimes we need moments to take a seat, look around, and catch our breath. Things move so fast in our world that taking a moment is all we need in order to breath right. Our lives are forever changing. And sadly they change at a speed that's not to our liking. A moment to take a deep breath is necessary at those times.

We need the time to focus on anything other than the world around us. That moment to take a deep breath, gather yourself. A moment to remember who you are. What you stand for. The places you want to go. The things you want to achieve. A moment to take a second and let yourself know that this feeling, this moment will pass. That's all you need in order to breath again.

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