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Crying is never a pretty thing. It doesn't matter if your miss universe or the freaking Queen of England. You never look appealing while crying. Crying isn't meant for that. When you cry it's because your body has to release whatever this sadness, frustration, emotion you have inside of you. There's so many different reason for crying. Along with all the different ways of crying.

We laugh and call it cute when we see a baby crying yet there are no tears. And we laugh when a baby is crying with their mouth wide open yet no sound is coming out. But when you see an adult cry like that no one knows what to say or do. It's not funny anymore. We look at that person crying with pity in our eyes. Why? Because we all know deep down that only real pain can cause that type of crying.

Crying is embarrassing yet we do it shamelessly. You have no way of controlling yourself once you start crying. You can't stop it. You can't control the way your body will shake. Or the way the sobs that your trying to swallow will rip through your body and out of your mouth. You have no say in how loud your cries are.

There's that crying where a few tears come out first. You swear to yourself that you have it all together. That'll you make it home without breaking down. Or you'll make it through this dinner without falling apart. But all it takes is one person to say something for it all to come undone. The mention of a name, a song, a smell, even a place can trigger it all and there you go. Before you know it, your crying into the arm of your sweater, or ducking into an ally so your not unraveling in the middle of a busy street.

The worst crying is the ones at night in a house full of people who have fallen asleep already and your trying to keep it down so no one hears. Face into the pillow as you cry your heart out, choking on your tears and sobs. Or when you have to go cry in the shower where no one can here you. Your slumped up against the tiled bathroom wall crying into your towel. You can't hold it all in anymore. You don't want to. There's beauty in crying where you can get away with it. There's no judgement and in a moment of desperation, this is a slice of heaven. Solitude to let it all out.

Thing is with crying is that after the wrenching of your body. Once the last sobs have stopped, when the tears have slowed down. Is that you can wipe your face, catch your breath, and keep on going. Go in whatever direction makes you the most comfortable. The way that you will benefit you. You've already done what you feared. You broke down. Now you can pick up the pieces and go from there. And if you break down again you already know that it will pass.

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