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The beginning of the new year is upon us. Finally its 2015. Does it feel any different? I doubt it does at the moment. This happens every year. Yet we all want the same thing. For this year to be a great one. For our life to change for the better. There are some people who started this year on a great note. They are living the life that they want. But for some their not at that place yet. Life is basically a big D.I.Y project. You see, there's nothing out there like you. There's nothing that's quite perfect for you, so whats there to do? 

Yes, you have options. You can find something that is similar to the life you picture, but nothings quite it (so basically settling). You can do something that will pay the bills and help you survive (which comes at the price of your happiness). Or you do Do It Yourself. You can make that dream job happen by building it from the ground up. Yes it may be hard work but it'll pay off. You can pick up and move somewhere, anywhere that you want. You can put yourself out there, meet people, date people and then date some more if you need to. 

Nothing has to be set in stone. There's no reason to be miserable because you feel you are out of options. Okay so your dream life isn't our there that just means you need to make it happen. It's not out there because you haven't made it happen yet. You can spend your life making someones dreams come true or you can spend your life making your dreams come true. The choice should be a no brainier. But as easy as it is to say that, I know that's not the case, at least for most people. 

We need certain thing in order to sustain ourselves and the only option that makes sense is to do whatever it is that we have to. The problem with doing whatever we have to do, is that were sacrificing ourselves, our own happiness. It happens far too often and a for good reason. 

Some people spend there whole life just surviving. Others spend their life working towards there dreams, and to them it doesn't even seem like work because they are happy. I don't want to live a life that I feel I am just surviving. I don't want to be the one making someones dreams happen while mines are on the back burning just sitting there till forever. 

So if that means I have to D.I.Y this thing then so be it. 

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