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For me school is such a sore subject. At the mention of school I want to roll my eyes and list a bunch of reason why I hate it. Some people think I've become like this as I've gotten older but truth is I've felt this way. Ever since I can remember I hated school. Waking up in the morning for school was torture. Not only did I not like waking up that early but waking up that early for school, a place I hated to be, made it so much worse. I kid you not, my mom would dress me in bed, half asleep cause I wouldn't get up.

It's not that I dislike learning. I dislike how we are taught. I admit my dislike for school grew over the years. As I got older and started realizing how teacher talked down to students just because we are the students. We may be kids and a lot younger than they are, but students are not stupid. There is no reason to talk down to students. If you treat them with respect then you will get that respect back.

I hated how teachers would call students out and compare everyone. There is never any need to point one student out above the rest whether it be for good reason and especially the bad reasons. Every student is different so comparing the one who takes advance Saturday classes to the student who is a reading level behind makes no sense. By doing that teachers are giving students a reason to tease, bully and make kids believe they are better than others. Students are taught to compete with one another. We learn so early on if we do something good, we get a sticker or get student of the week.  It gives students a false sense of reality. Not everything good you do gets rewarded. It makes kids compete with one another instead of working together.

We are all grouped by test grades. Which is freaking ridiculous because more than half the world consist of bad test takers. If adults do bad under pressure can you imagine a kid who's ability to pass to the next grade relys on a timed test. That's a lot of pressure and most kids crack under that pressure. Shit I'm one of them. I get sweaty hands and keep staring at the clock. My mind draws blanks. All while thinking 'holy shit, I'm doomed'.

If teachers will understand everyone learns at a different pace. Different methods work for different students. That some kids need more one on one time than others. Some kids learn better when they don't participate. Some kids need to participate in order to get the subject. Some kids want to be the center of attention while others would rather have the floor swallow them whole before reading aloud or going up the board. If teachers had more consideration, then kids will actually enjoy being there.

Compassion, sincerity, approach, relatablity, realness. Those are the things teachers need. Most don't have that. Most throw work at you and when you ask for help they leave you to your own devices by telling you to figure it out. Teachers get fed up with a student and kick them out. Students are ignored or reprimanded  when they question a teachers why of teaching.

It only takes one bad experience/ teacher to make a student hate school. And it can only takes one good teacher make a student love school. It all comes down to how we are taught. Forget about the things we are taught, it's all about the approach, the how, the who. 

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