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Even though I've heard it my whole life I'm still surprised when I realize how unfairly girls are treated. Yes there are two gender. Boy. Girl. Your either one or the other. But why does one make you better than the other? Why are girls made to feel that what they are is something to hide. When boys are free to show all that they are.

As girls were told to "close your legs" we're told to "cover up".  Is there something so wrong with the things we have. The things we were born with that it's such a shame to show it. We're made to believe that what we have is something to be ashamed of.

We're told things have to be a certain length cause god forbid your thighs show. A boy can wear no shirt and no one is fazed yet a girl shows too much cleavage and everyone has a comment.

At school girls are told "your clothing is distracting". Excuse me, but distracting to who? Are you talking about the boys who can't seem to keep their eyes in their head? Are you talking about the boys who your teaching that their actions towards girl is okay? Because that's exactly what's happening. By saying that your telling them it's okay to stare, gawk, perv on girls because it's the girls fault she dressed that way. 

Girls are taught that they need to prevent boys from viewing them a certain way. But when are boys going to be taught that girls are not there for their enjoyment? How about instead of teaching girls to be ashamed of what she is, teach boys to respect girls. Instead of telling girls to hide herself, show boys that girls are more than their body.

Teach them they are no better than the other. Stop shaming one, while glorifying the other. 


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