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We as people have brought into the notion that we are special. Special in the sense that we are the only one. That we are alone. We tell ourselves that because no one else is us then no one can possible feel the way we feel. That no one can possible know what we are going through.

It never crosses our mind that this feeling we are feeling has happened to someone else. We are self centered beings. It's not something we notice, it just is how we are. All our thoughts, our worries revolve around ourselves. Which makes complete sense because we are the only people who know what we need. We look out for ourselves.

Yet it becomes a problem when we begin to isolate ourselves as "I'm the only one". Something goes wrong and the first reaction we have is 'why me?'  Now the question isn't why you, it's more simply just 'why'. But in our heads nothing's ever that simple. We keep things to ourselves. We don't seek help because we figure no one else would understand. And when we do seek help once we get an answer or advise on how to go about something we think 'what does this person know? They're not going through this. They don't know how I feel'. Once again apparently your 'the only one'. Right?

It's hard for us to get out of our head and realize that not only does life happen to us but it happens to other people too. Everyone has experienced heartbreak, failure, success, disappoints, worry, happiness. We never stop to think about the other people who have been abused, cheated on, assaulted, hungry, struggling, alone. Sadly there are some people who experience more hardships than others. Yes some people will see more sadness, experience more pain, feel more alone in their life than others but that does not mean they are they only ones. A select few, does not mean none at all.

We think about ourselves all while throwing a pity part for one. Thinking beyond ourselves is not something that comes easy. We are taught to put ourselves first because if we don't then who will. Not that they're is nothing wrong with putting yourself first but their is something wrong in thinking that you are the only one that this kind of thing can happen to. I'm sorry but no one, is that special.

Brittany x 

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