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Dear 2014,

As I enter the new year I begin to look back on how you've treated me and if you can't tell already I'm giving you the stink eye. Now I bet your not surprised and quite frankly I'm not sure I how I feel about it. Beginning the year there was the weight of some unwelcome feelings that had began to take over along with relationships with people whom I should of left begin before you began. Now I didn't realize that you'd push me to my breaking point until it happened. Not only did you do it once but you did it quite a few times. Relationships were severed and along the way it got ugly. It may have been a low but during that low you sent me a high in disguise. You brought a person back into my life just as I needed them there. For that I'm grateful. 

You didn't seem to give up though. I learned that a high is a high but after every high comes a low. And man did you deliver this low with a brutal blow. When it seemed things were going the right direction you grabbed hold of the wheel and jerked all the way out of right field and into the land of the unknown. Apparently that low wasn't low enough for you, so you proceeded to deliver another low. Another breaking point came of this. 

Life was forced to be put into prospective. Whether decisions were really the ones that should have been made, along with the relationships I held with people were all questioned. Quite honestly 2014 you kicked my ass north then south then back north again. You were relentless, ruthless, brutal, and unforgiving. I'm so close to saying you completely sucked but as I look back a little closer I can say that you did do a few good things. You taught me that no matter what, my happiness comes first. I found a sense peace somewhere on the road. My needs, wants, likes and dislikes were discovered somewhere through the mess of a year you were.

Some of my favorite moments were when I felt I could breath again after begin weighed down. Yes many relationships in my life were tested and most failed the test you threw at us. But through all those test my relationship with my family, my immediate family became stronger than ever. My mom, dad and my little brother have become the best things in my life all due to these test. You brought me closer to each of them in a way that is unforgettable. 2014 you took a relationship I was keeping at arms length and made me realize that person didn't want just half of me but all of me. You knocked me of my feet to get my arms out the way so that way I would draw closer to him. For that I'm grateful. 

So you may have sucked but you have a few moments of light. So 2014 I can't say I'm sad to see you go. I'm freaking happy as hell your over but I can tell you that I'm on to you. I get it now. I know what you were meant for. You kicked my ass so I would open my eyes. You stripped everything away so I had no excuses. You used this year to be a year of revelations. You brought light to situations that were unhealthy. You shed light on relationships in my life only to show me I had been wrong all along. You used this year as a way to change everything. 

So cheers to your changes. Thanks for all the lessons whether they were taught during the highs or the lows. Thank you for the closer bonds and the severed ties. Kudos for bringing people back around for the umpteenth million time.

All around I'm not quite fond of you and I'm happy to see you go. Here's to 2015 a year dedicated to rebuilding a stronger than ever foundation.



  1. i love the way you've written this post!

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