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Seeing a movie in the theaters is an experience to say the least. The experience all begins from the moment you decide to go see a movie. Whether it be with someone or by your lonesome. The conscious decision that your going to the movies is beyond pleasing to a person. You already know your going to see a movie you've been looking forward to and it's exciting. Your finally going to see this movie that has been haunting your commercials for some time now. 

So you fandango the movie, find which time you wanna go, and your set. Come on admit it your always excited at this point. Now its showtime and preview are starting. The lights are dimming, snacks are in hand, your ready for this to begin. That's when the real experience begins from the moment all the previews end and your movie begins. 

Usually it takes about 5 minutes until we're hooked on this cinematic world and emerged in a life of people who aren't us but there's something about them that you see a bit of yourself in, that already you can't help but root for them. That person might be a main character or a supporting one. All that matters in the next 2 hours is that this person wins out in the end. 

The theaters is a place to lose yourself in a world that is not your own. It's so far from the everyday life you live that you are so intrigued, that you lose yourself. No longer are you worried about that leaking faucet, that paper that hasn't been finished, that relationship problem that keeps coming back no matter what you do. No. Those everyday trials are no longer taking up the forefront of your memory for the next 2 hours. Your free from them for a bit. All thanks to this movie. 

Movies give you the escape you need. You can thrust yourself into someone else's life and watch their world fall apart. Then to watch then build it back up again. You get to see them win for once. 

You almost begin to feel so connected to this story, to these people. That you don't know just what you'll do when it ends. But just like everything else, it ends and the credits are rolling and your kind of numb. Maybe your inspired. Maybe your heart just feels heavy. Maybe your feeling empty. But there you are, while everyone around you is already standing filing out of their rows and your just there. Feeling this way. 

After being so invested in the story, in the persons life, it's time to say goodbye, accept the way it ended and move on. Much like in our own life. 

Movie theaters are great. It's a place to escape. To fully amerce yourself in a life other than your own for a bit. A place to let go and focus fully on anything other than you. You follow these people and their stories. You watch them fall. You see them fight. They laugh and they cry. They break and the comeback together again. They lose and at the end they win. And for about two hours you win too. 



  1. I agree, movie theaters are a great place to escape! I just saw a movie at the movie theater today, and it's been so long that I have truly missed the wonderful experience :)

    Emily //

    1. I'm telling you! The whole experience is great and even better when it's something you haven't done for a while :)



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