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"You'll get there when you get there. Be patient"

Let me take a minute to tell you how much I can't stand that phrase or saying. Whatever it is simply it drives me crazy. Yes yes I get patience is key and good things come to those who wait, but come on!! The waiting game sucks. I'm not patient. Never have been and I doubt I ever will be.

I'm sorry but I just want it to happen already. Now I'm beginning to feel like Violet from Charlie and the chocolate factory where she's screaming "I want it now" at the top of her lungs to her dad (btw I'm talking about the original movie).

Sometimes I feel like screaming "I want it now". But then again my mom will probably just remind me of that Babushka story and how she wanted it all and she wanted it now and ended up with nothing. It's one of her favorite things to remind me cause honestly at times I'm a brat. But a brat with good intentions.

But can you blame me?!? At the moment this brat is just stuck in a place where things are moving at a nonexistent pace that's sucking the life out of my very being! Okay, so what if I'm being dramatic! I'm just saying. I'm just really tired of being patient.

I know first hand that patience pays off in a ten fold. It's happened time an time again. Especially when things have hit the fan or at the very last second before that 'oh shit this is going to hurt' moment. At times like that you completely get why patience is key. Along with why it was necessary for you to be patient.

I guess I should just pull it together, sit my bratty self down and suck it up for now. It's just so hard no matter how much I know I have to. So here I go, to patiently wait for whatever it is to come my way. Oy vey!!!!!


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