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Earlier I was scrolling on Tumblr, like always, when I found a piece from James Grey "why we should stick". At one point he says: "We're lost and being lost is okay even if it seems not to be" 

Feeling and being lost is something we are programmed to reject as a way of thinking because we think we shouldn't be. We can't possibly not have it together right? We need to have it together. We tell ourselves to pull our shit together because this being lost shit isn't going to work. It's not suppose to. So it can't. 

Thing is we only say those things because we're taught to have it all figured out. From the time we are in school we are taught that if you are organized, paying attention, following the rules your not going to have problems or struggle in school. In high school were taught if we pass these exams, get involved in activities, get a good score on the SATs or the ACTs then you'll get into a good college with no problem. That's where we really begin to see that it may not always be the case, but like always that's what they said so I'm going to do it cause I want to have it all together.

Then shit really begins to fall apart when your in college or maybe you don't go to college. Either way eventually you start to see you still don't have your shit together. And everywhere you go people are asking you how are you? How's classes? Hows work? What's your major? When will you be finished? What are your plans for after graduation? These questions all don't deserve an answer. That's just me but I doubt I'm alone in this way of thinking. 

There's all this pressure to figure it out and have it all together. But no one teaches you that your not always going to have it together. No one lets you know that at one point or another your going to feel lost, and that it's okay. 

When we feel lost we instantly think of it as a bad thing. That there must of been something you could of done differently. We think that we've done it to ourselves. That no one else is feeling the same way. We see other people and they all seem to have it together. Then you look around you and its just not happening for you. Everything is just not okay. So yes in your mind your doing something wrong. Now your depressed and never leaving this bed cause that's clearly the only way to handle it (you might have a different solution but this is mines cause my bed excepts my mess of a life).

Clearly that's not the logical way of thinking but we all go there at one point. Seriously though the only thing we're doing wrong is thinking of this "being lost" period as a bad thing. It doesn't have to be bad. Actually it's not bad at all. We all have to get lost in order to find our way. Some of us veer further off path then others. We need to in order to finally get that we were going about it wrong. That the things were chasing aren't for us. Maybe their is another way to go about it. Or simply to teach us to really go after what makes us happy.

We may not all feel lost in the same way or at the same time. But we all go through it. Having your shit figured out is okay. Being lost is okay too. There's a kind of beauty in the unknown. A lot of times some of the best moments come from being lost. 


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