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Everyone always ranks family above friends,not me. I wasn't given a say in "my family". But I do get a say in who I choose to let participate in my life.

I didn't choose these people. I wasn't asked. I didn't get to see a line up and say "you, yes number 3 step forward". I was just born into this world with these people already placed into it. Many were born into my life. But again I never got a say.

We're all just born into our family with no say. That's how it goes. Family is family they say. You put family first. Blood runs thicker than water. Thing is we lose blood more than people think. Your blood can get infected. Girls bleed for an average of 5 days every month. We get blood taken. We voluntarily give blood. Well you know what I need water to survive. Without water we will die. We can't go very long without water.

So you know what? Keep my blood! Take it. I might be terrified of needles but with blood like mines I'm willing to face my fears. I'll embrace those 5 days every month. If that's what it takes to be rid of this blood I call mines I'll do it, because I'm choosing water.

I'm choosing the thing that keeps me going. I'm choosing the one thing I cannot live without. I'm choosing the one thing that takes many different forms yet no matter what form it takes it's good for me. I'm choosing the thing that does me good. I'm choosing the thing that betters me.

I'm very well aware that we also need blood. But have you ever heard of blood transfusions. Ya know, It's where they take someone's else blood and literally give it to you. You can get blood from elsewhere. We don't need our own blood, we can get it somewhere else. Blood is replaceable. Water. Yeah not so much. No matter how much soda or juice you drink your body will crave water. 

So if you ask me to choose I'm going with water, hands down. 

- Brittany  

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