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Okay so there's just something I don't understand. What is it? Well it's just how someone can make someone. A person. Their whole world. I don't understand and I probably never will get how someone can put all their happiness onto a person and their relationship. Maybe it's cause I'm still so young and I've never really had that kind of love. But I just don't get it. 

How can you think that it's okay and perfectly healthy to put all your happiness on a person. Yes love is a huge factor. You can find happiness in love and in your relationship with person. That I understand. But what I don't get is how someone can think that it's their only source of happiness. 

Don't you have dreams? Accomplishment and goals? Don't you want to find happiness in yourself? 

What if one day that person is no longer there? What if they don't feel the same about their happiness and they want more. What if that person needs more than just your relationship? So many things happen in life that you can't guarantee that person will be there with you forever. Things happen. Life happens. Shit happens.There are no guarantees. One second you have something then next it's gone. That's how life works. 

I've been in a relationship where he put all his happiness in me and our relationship. Believe me when I say it's not healthy. It's a weight for the other person to carry. I felt like I was holding his whole world in my hands and every time I would take a step back and try to walk away I would begin to see his world unravel. So it made me stay longer then I ever should have. When I finally did have enough and walk away it sent him spiraling. I get it. His one source of happiness walked away. But thats just the thing. 

Do I feel like he did it to himself? In a way yes. He didn't want anything other than our relationship, it was unhealthy. I remember asking him once after he quit his job what where his goals and dreams. His answer was "as long as I have you I don't need goals or dreams". That answer made me open my eyes. 

I am a person who is a dreamer. I need to have those dreams. What will you be without your dreams and goals? So to hear the person I'm with say that put me off. I knew then that I needed out.  

Maybe I just don't understand. Maybe I never will. 


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