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It's easy, maybe almost too easy to remember all the ways people have affected us. Whether it be the way they treated us, hurt us, abandoned us, ignored us, pushed us aside, their kindness, their love. The list goes on and on. It's easy because those things have impacted how we see and treat other people. Maybe we still talk to them but aren't as close or just straight up act like they don't exist. Either way we remember.

But what about the way we have impacted people? It's hard to remember those things because we don't really see it, we didn't feel the things they did. Just as people leave a impact on us, we leave one on them too. 

We never seem to think how our words or actions effect people. The nasty break ups, kind words, broken promises, hugs, hurtful words, words of encouragement, nasty arguments, our acceptance, the shit talking we do all has an effect. But we don't really think of them. We say what we say, do what we feel like doing and go about our lives. We forget the people we leave behind, the impressions, the scars we leave on them. 

I don't only mean the people we have any type of relationship with. I'm also talking about the people we encounter everyday. Do you ever have that one stranger whom you remember gave you a dirty look? Or that driver who tried to cut you off that you gave a dirty look to? We leave impressions on people that we don't even know. It may not have been intentionally but it still happened and they remember that. 

We are left with scars, wounds from people whom have come across our path somewhere along the way over the year. Yet we don't stop to think that we are doing the same thing to people we meet. 

We have changed people just as people have changed us. It's a frightening thought that we have changed people whether for the better or for the worst. It's hard to think about the people we have left with a sour taste in their mouth. The regret of meeting us. The painful memories they associate with us, or the memories of us they rather forget. 

If we have thoughts like that about people just think of the thoughts they have of you. It's scary but it's our reality. We come and go in people's lives just as they do in ours. 

We don't think about our entrance or exit in peoples lives, how it effects them. We never think of their aftermath. We come in, do what we need to do and when we're done, we leave. Why do think hurricanes are named after people? 

- Brittany

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