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People come and go in our lives so fast. The only way to remember some of them is by associations like "oh yeah that girl who would smack her gum and never shut up" or "The guy that was with the hottie". Not our fault that's how we remember them, it just happens to be what sticks. You meet so many people. Some of those people you barely know, others you become friends with. Each friendship comes with a unique story which makes it special. Some friendships last a lifetime others last a season. Some teach lesson and others make no sense. 

You have some people whom at the time of meeting you know their going to be important in your life. You just know it. Right away you guys click. You get each other. And before you know it your joint at the hip. Those are some of the best friendships. From day one it's as if you've know each other your whole lives. Some of the best moments in your life happen with that person by your side.  A lot of the time that person is what made that event so memorable. Cause honestly can you image them not being there? Clearly the answer is "No" Duh. 

But honestly the best friendships out there. The ones that mean the most. The ones who are there for you even through some of the lowest of lows. Are those people you met in passing. The ones who don't seem important at first but they eventually will be. The people who you didn't even realize you had some of the same classes with back in school. The person who shares some of the same friends as you, yet you two have never talked. Or the friend of a friend who suddenly randomly becomes your friends cause your mutual friend ran off to God knows where. They'll slowly become a person you tell things to because well why the hell not. Suddenly your friends and you don't even remember how it happened. But it did. You start hanging out and it becomes a weekly thing. And we'll it just goes from there. 

I have a few of those:
There's the couple who could double as my parents. 
The two boys whom helped me survive that interesting last year of high school. 
The girl who made working with 4 year olds something to look forward to at 9am. 
The girl who is like the sister I never had. 
The boy who woke up on the floor next to my bed during freshman orientation. 
The boy who couldn't be more like me if he tried.
The boy who protects like a brother especially when were being followed.  

But my favorite type of friendship. The ones that still surprise me are the ones with people who I met a long time ago and well some how they're still in my life today. Our meeting wasn't planned or forced. They just happened.

One I've known of for... Well for 9 years now. We had some of the same friend but weren't friends at first. We knew of each other. We've hung out at the same places, with the same people but we weren't friends. We actually didn't become friends till 5 years later. Apparently I had a "chronic case of the bitch face" his words not mines. When we did finally get to know each other, we were instantly friends. We may not talk often now (cause well life has taken us both different directions) but for when it counts were there for each other. 

There is another person whom I met through getting in paired with as partners in biology about 7 years ago.  We were the least likely of people to ever be friends but it just happened. He was lazy and high half the time. I was a smart mouth who got the work done (thanks to me we both passed). After that we became close fast friends. Still are. 

There are so many friendships of mines that have survived the trial of time. There are also a lot that haven't. I'm okay with those. Some might even say I'm better off. 

I can go on and on about my friends. Who if I'm being completely honest have been more like family to me that my own family. But that's for another day.. 

- Brittany 

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