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Every morning is an invitation. An invite to have a day full of amazing spontaneous things. Most of the time we turn down that invitation without really thinking about what we've been invited too. 

Each morning is a new offer to start something new and fresh. Hell if you want to reinvent yourself for the day then go ahead. That is what this new day is for. Go through your closet and get rid of everything. Turn off your phone. Take a long drive down a highway you've never been down before. Start a new routine. Begin a new project. Start living your dream. 

Shit I don't know. Just don't turn down this offer. Do something today!

It's tempting to turn over and dig deeper into those gloriously wonderful covers. I do it a lot more then I want to even admit. But can you imagine if everyday we excepted the invitation to do something new each day?

What would your life be like? If every day you woke up and set your mind to do something you've never done before? Something you've always thought 'just maybe'? Turn that maybe into a hell yes. Think today's the day. The day that I grow a pair and just do it. Hell it might come out shitty but do it (remember there's Brownie points in trying). 

You can't regret trying. You'll regret not trying. 


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