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So much changes at a rapid speed that we can hardly keep up. Our feet stumbling over the other trying to pick up the pace, pull it together and catch up with the rest. 

Our generation is all about keeping up. We were born during a time where the Internet didn't exist then a few years later we were introduced to this fabulous things that we are so connected to. Our generation has been privileged in a way we will never understand. We are the transition generation. 

How many other generations can you think of that know the best of both world. The work of the Internet changed the world! It did and we are living proof. We are examples of how much the Internet helps and hinders us. 

How frequently do you hear about how we have it too easy. That our generation is lazy and we don't know what it is like to have to actually do the work ourselves. Those people who say that may be our parents, teachers, bosses, elders. Yes they may be right in a sense that we have do have everything in our finger tips. 

But that is exactly the problem. We know exactly how easy it is for us to get things so we want more. We know there is more out there than the little bubble we live in. We make friends with people who live in other countries, over masses waters and who lead lives completely different than ours. Yet we bond through the help of social media. 

Social media is a beautiful thing in that sense. We can put so much out there and get so much back in a matter of second. That alone is a double edge sword. We can put anything in the world without realizing the impact our words have to complete stranger. A lot of times the words being put out into the world are not positive either. It's easy to put negativity and hate out there. Sadly so many people do it that it takes a place that was once a safe haven for people to a place that is uncomfortable and confrontational. 

Dating and relationships have become so much harder due to social media and the internet. People realize  the options that are in this world, giving the illusion that there is better out there. Cheating whether it be psychically or emotional is made easy through the Internet. We open up to people we don't know rather than turning to the person we are with. 

Our online presence is a big part of who we are and the way people see us. We're always making sure we're keeping up. Whether it be with people, trends, styles, technology. 

We are forever living with a double edged sword in our hand. It's a blessing and a curse but it's the world we know. It may not be the world that our parents knew but it's our world. We are the product of it all. Its changed the way we learn, meet people, interact, work and so much more. 

So really how easy do we have it? 


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