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People tend to say that the person who loves less holds the power. That the less you care the better off you are. I'm not even going to lie and say that I'm not one of those people.

I personally have that "I don't give a shit" attitude about pretty much everything. Most of the time I actually don't give a shit. The way I see it is that things are going to happen, I'm going to make mistakes, people will come and go, but as long as it doesn't hurt the ones I love or threaten my life I'm fine with it. My attitude has dubbed me "little miss no shits" and from my brother "heartless". Now those names don't bother me cause frankly I know I'm both those things but that's only one side of me. 

Do I find pride in being the one that cares less? Not really. Yes I'll admit it's my way to keep people out and at arms length. I get to set the limits on the access a person has to my life. It's how I prefer it. 

But I don't not believe that the one who cares less holds the power. The person who cares less has feelings probably even stronger than the one who openly cares. There's no beauty in acting like things don't affect you. It's a skill acquired by someone who's scared to get too close. That 'I don't care attitude' comes from the thought that if i care less it won't hurt so bad when something goes wrong. No matter how much they try to tell you it doesn't faze them, half the time it actually does bother them. It's a self preserving trait that they cling onto. 

Our heart is stronger than we give it credit for. Those who openly express their love and feelings get the better deal. I use to think those people who wore their heart on their sleeve were so stupid. They were just asking to get hurt. Most times they do get hurt, but that hurt will fade and they can walk away saying at least I loved with everything I had. They end up with no regrets. 

The person who "cared less" doesn't get to walk away with no regrets. They walk away with more regrets than anyone will ever know. They'll be burdened with what if's and what could of been. There is always that thought that they could of done things differently. 

In love there is no holding back. One can't give while the other is holding back. Caring less doesn't make you stronger, or the bigger person. It makes you scared. And being scared is okay. Who isn't scared when it comes to matters of the heart?


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