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A hard reality of growing up is learning that we put ourselves in toxic relationships and often then not we hold onto toxic relationship longer than we should. 

You remember way back when your mom and dad will tell you stay away from "so and so" cause they were a bad influence, or whatever their reason was. Do you remember not listening to them and later on finding out why they said that. Or maybe you were one of those kids who listened and later were thankful for their warning.

The thing about getting older is that we don't always have our parents judgement call when we are making friends or picking our significant others. We have to make that judgement call. And I'll be the first to say that most of the time we don't make the right call at first. It takes alot of painful failed attempts. 

When it comes to friends or the people we are dating it is easy to not see all those warning signs that are in front of our face. Were just too busy being caught up in the excitement of everything. And by then when we begin to notice sometimes we're in too deep. 

Friendships are hard because you want to be there for them. You've been friends forever. They have your back so you have theirs right? But what happens whens the relationship becomes toxic you begin to notice all these things whether big or small that make you a little uncomfortable. You feel like your growing apart. You can't seem to trust them anymore. They're doing things your not into doing yet they try to make you do them too. All signs of toxic relationship are shown yet there we are staying in that friendship. 

How about the person your dating? You clearly are in this relationship by choice (and if your not run like hell). You choose this person to spend an obscene amount of time with, letting them into all the little nooks and crannies of your life. You guys are having fun all of a sudden things just don't seem so fun anymore. You have this feeling that just won't seem to go away. They start doing things and saying things that you aren't comfortable with.

When a relationship does take the turn from fun to weird and uncomfortable it's time to get out. There is nothing wrong from removing yourself from someone life if it is to benefit you. Do what you feel is best for you. Yes you have been friends forever and been through so much together but a toxic relationship can destroy more than just that relationship. Being in a romantic relationship with someone who is toxic is beyond damaging to you. No one deserves to feel uncomfortable with the person they're with. 

Being able to walk away from any type of relationship that is toxic is hard. There will never be "a right time" or the perfect way to say it. If you have to slowly distance yourself from that person then so be it. If the only way you feel comfortable saying it is through text or on the phone then that's perfectly fine. Don't let anyone say otherwise.

Do what is right for you. Yes they may get hurt. But dammit learn to put yourself first too.

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