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On Saturday, I was at the mall walking with my bother. We had just eaten and were walking to the exit where the car was parked. As we were walking I noticed a group of 7 girls. They were standing by the wall of the Cheesecake Factory. All of them looking as beautiful as the next, they had to be freshman and sophomores in high school. I noticed one of the girls with her phone in her hand, she kept trying to ask people to take a picture of them. Cause clearly at the age of you don't have a picture of it happening it just didn't happen, right?

Well she kept trying to ask these people walking but she just couldn't. Her friends were all telling her to come on and ask already then when another of girls tried she chickened out too. I get it they were nervous. At that age I would of been mortified to do the same. Even now at 20 I'm still very shy when asking for favors or for help. 

Instantly when I saw how afraid they were I walked towards them. When one of the girls noticed me I asked if she wanted me to take their picture. I got an automatic collective "oh my god yes!" That reaction right there got me. I knew I did the right thing not only to help them but to remind me of where I was at one point. 

One of the girls handed me her phone and I took 3 different pictures. We all know just one doesn't work. So 3 it was. I gave the girl her phone back and they all said thank you to me. And I simply walked away. Now I know I didn't leave much of an impression on them but they left an impression on me. 

So here a letter to those girls, 

I saw the panic on your faces when you guys were trying to ask people to take your picture. Don't be embarrassed I would of been worse believe me. I'm so glad I got to take your picture for many reasons. One being so you have that moment, that day and those memories to always look back on. Whether that day come a few months from now, a few years or years down the road. So when you do see it you remember the girls you spent the day with and how at one point your life was just that. A fun, spontaneous day full of burst of nervousness and excitement.

I wish you all remember the way you felt today. Hopeful and excited and never let that feeling go. There will be days that everything is just too much. You will lose friends. Boys will come and go. Your heart might get broken. Just remember that girl who spent her Saturday at the mall with friends just having fun. 

Never be afraid to ask for help. Never be ashamed for the silly little things you do with your friends. Stay positive and hopeful. Appreciate everyone in your life, enjoy the simplest of moments. Have fun and be safe. Throw caution to the wind yet know where your comfort zone ends. Always remember your boundaries. Never push, when it's meant to be it will be. Ask questions. Dig deeper. Don't be afraid to let people in. Ask for what you need. When one person tells you no, ask someone else. Same goes for the closing doors. Keep knocking. Keep singing in the shower and dancing in the mirror. Cry till you can't anymore, then pick yourself up and keep going. Forgive and ask for forgiveness. Be nice. Be kind. Be brave. 

I wish you girls the best of luck through everything life puts you through. 

- Brittany 

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