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Come on admit it we all love when #MCM comes around. We get to post about our man, or a man we wish was our man *cough William Levy cough* but one way or another we all get a kick out of #MCM.

Thing is I don't necessarily feel like we need to post about a shirtless grown up Nick Jonas. Yes those pictures are more than pleasing to our eyes but what about all the other things about a man that we find appealing. The way he makes us laugh, his intelligence, his killer cooking kills? What about how handy he is? Or the way he cares for his siblings, nieces, or nephews? How about his horrible singing voice that he denies is horrible? 

All those things make a man worth a #MCM shout-out too. So that's what this is about. Watch this video of these men all worthy of our #MCM :

Those voices and dance skills say it all! Gotta love a guy who gets into the music.

What makes a guy worth your #MCM post? I'd love to know ladies!

- Brittany

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