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Some nights it’s hard to remember who you are. When everyone around is acting like a fool. You think this is what we do at this age. We are made for moments like this. To lose yourself in the masses of strangers all doing the same thing we are.

You can’t tell if the person next to you ever cries the way you do so you think they don’t, that they don’t feel the same emotions you do. Your shades are just darker then you realize. Because we are all the same. Especially now. The loneliness that lingers, the quiet the feels deafening, the future that’s looming with decisions you aren’t prepared to make. We are all feeling the pressure and this is our release.

The shot glasses, all those strangers trying to get personal with you. It’s all a little too personal. That’s what all of this is. A personal connection, whether you want it from the boy throwing back drinks from that beer pong game he’s losing. Or the friend your oh so desperately holding on to while you slowly watch her slip away. Or just the connection that your trying to gain with yourself.

This is what we do. We do things we aren’t completely comfortable with because we either are holding on to someone, something or were trying to find something in ourselves we feel will come out. It doesn't make any of it right or okay. We're reaching, and searching. It's what we do.

- Brittany

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