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At one point we all meet that one person who is worth breaking all the rules. We all think we won’t be that girl yet there he comes along and we’re that girl. He knocks you off your game and has you playing right into his without realizing it.

You have your reasons. He makes everything clear. Nobody knows you like he does. Your bodies fit just right. He just gives you that look and you know he feels the same.

You’re hearing the talking behind your back yet you just don’t care. He’s worth all the whispers, the loud judgment, the stares, and the shaking of the heads. Screw them you have each other. You always swore you’d never be that girl who wishes for forever, yet there you are. All of a sudden, he’s your happy ending.  Planning for a future with a guy who isn’t equipped for it.

You weren’t that girl until he came and fucked up your world. Everyone stared and all you could say was I don’t care. Since when did you not care? Was it when he cupped your face and told you they were jealous of what you two have, to screw them. He made things seem so perfect in your little bubble. He told you he could hold you all night, that this was it for him. He fueled your hope. Dared you to do things that weren’t you. Yet he asked so of course you did them. He made promises he wouldn’t keep.

That boy had you so twisted up that whichever way you moved you just got even deeper. Deeper into him. So far gone from that girl you use to be before he rocked your world.

We all have that boy. He was everything you didn’t need but everything you craved. If you got out scar free then kudos to you, most aren’t that lucky. He leaves a trail. Scars that weren’t there before. He’s unforgettable for many reasons, some you’ll never share with anyone.

He’s exactly the boy you don’t need. Keep your rules and raise your standards. While your at it silently thank him for the experience you had with him. He confirmed something you already knew, that you deserve better.



  1. yes! love this

  2. I couldn't have written it better myself. I love this post! Your blog is amazing :)!x

    1. Thank so much! I knew we could all relate to it. XO


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